Peacock Bistro

The idea behind Peacock Bistro is to apply sustainable development practices to food culture. Everything – from ingredients to utensils to interior design – is based on this concept so that Peacock Bistro not only provides delicious environmentally conscious food but a simple, comfortable dining environment. The restaurant takes pride in its Taiwanese food heritage, while specialising in dishes fusing Chinese and Western cuisines, and make Peacock Bistro’s Taiwanese Cocktails via local fruits, herbs, spices, liquor and even teas. Peacock Bistro offers friendly dining experiences and the environment as well via using traceable local produces, meat and seafood with classic ingredients from Dadaocheng.


AddressNo.197 Sec. 1, Dihua St.No.197, Sec. 1, Dihua St.
Datong District ,Taipei City
HoursMonday, Wednesday to Sunday: 11:30am-10:30pm
Peacock Bistro
Cuisine TypeWestern

Earn miles while dining

How you earn

  1. Inform Staff that you want to earn Asia Miles from Dining when paying the bill.
  2. Present your own Asia Miles / Marco Polo Club Membership Card with your membership number in any form:
    - Physical Membership Card or
    - Mobile Membership Card or
    - Co-branded Credit Card
  3. The staff will provide a receipt with stamp "Earned Asia Miles" for your record.
  4. Asia Miles will be credited to member’s account within 7 days.
Spending criteriaMinimum:TWD300
RateTWD 30 = 1
  1. Members must present their Asia Miles membership card at the time of payment. Asia Miles cannot be issued afterwards.
  2. Asia Miles cannot be earned on certain promotional menus during festive seasons, other dining partner-related promotions, discounts and set menu. Members are advised to check with the dining partner(s) concerned prior to dining.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, mileage credits will be earned on total food and beverage spending including service charges and taxes, where applicable. Tips are excluded in all markets.
  4. Asia Miles will be awarded to one member and his/her Asia Miles account for every single eligible spending and every dining table.
  5. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
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