EZTABLE (Thailand)

EZTABLE is Asia’s leading 24-hour online reservation service for premium restaurants as well as an e-commerce platform offering voucher deals for customers. Over 8,000 first-class hotels, dining groups and well-established restaurants have joined EZTABLE in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.


Address Bangkok
Tel+66 87 323 8800
EZTABLE (Thailand)
Cuisine TypeOther Cuisine

Earn miles while dining

How you earnConvert your EZCASH into Asia Miles. Note: EZCASH is rewarded after making a restaurant reservation or sharing a dining review on the EZTABLE app. For more details, please see EZCASH Policy.
Spending criteriaMinimum:EZCASH300
RateEZCASH 100 = 100
  1. For Thailand EZTABLE members only.
  2. The minimum points conversion is EZCASH 300.
  3. EZTABLE Terms Agreement and EZCASH Policy apply.
  4. EZTABLE reserves the discretionary right to change, modify or cancel the Asia Miles conversion.
  5. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
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